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The Working Engineer is a blog and resource for engineers who work in the construction industry, with a particular focus on Structural Engineering and those who work in the consulting game.  The Working Engineer is not necessarily intended as a technical blog but, rather, as a guide, mouthpiece, and editorial for the issues and day-to-day aspects that impact engineers.  Plus you’ll find opinion pieces, tips, tricks, and a bit of humour.


All articles and posts can be found on the Articles page and generally fall into one of five categories:

  • The profession (Articles for and about the engineering profession, and the people that work in the industry)
  • Consulting, business and work (Articles relating to business, i.e. clients, fees, marketing, deliverables, and so forth) 
  • Design (Articles exploring aspects of engineering analysis, design, software, etc)
  • Job & Career (Articles discussing career advancement and progression, qualifications, training, recruiting, etc)
  • For architects & builders (Articles intended not just for engineers, but also for architects & builders that explore structural engineering issues, concepts, and how we can all better solve problems together)


An engineering blog?  No, it’s so much more than that…

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The Working Engineer logo

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The Working Engineer is hosted and presented by an Australian-based structural engineer with 25 years’ experience working in consulting firms that have specialised in the fields of design, reporting, analysis, site inspections, building forensics, defects and damage assessment, construction supervision….and all with an emphasis on architecture in the residential sector. 

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